Replacing "favouriting" of markets with user curated lists of markets

Favouriting markets is handy, but what would be even better is allowing users to create “lists” of their favourite markets, in a similar way to how Google Maps and Youtube allows you to create lists of pins and videos.

You could then share these lists of markets with other users via a public link, or embed the list in a website (such as a blog post).

That sounds like a good change to make. But it also sounds potentially like a feature that could divide Literarium: Gratis Edition from Literarium: Premium. As a current gratis-user, I’m quite satisfied with the option to favourite a market, especially since I can filter potential submission markets for a given work through my favourites list.

If Literarium does move to a shareable list mechanism, would submission markets be filterable by particular list? Or would the system still stay as filterable only through a designated/primary list?

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Heya @SourceRunner, thanks for the feedback. You raise a good point about it potentially being a premium feature. It’s something I’ll raise with @tom.dullemond in the future when we start defining the feature set for premium. We’ll no doubt post the premium feature set here for feedback in the future.

Regarding the filtering mechanism, the list functionality would work much like what you see in Youtube i’d say. You should be able to switch between the normal market search view, to each of your curated lists, just by clicking on them. We may also make it so you can further filter your curated lists using the same filter controls in the main market search view.

Now that I’ve managed to bring Literarium V1 up to speed with GDPR, send out the UI/UX questionnaire I’ll start focusing my time on designing mockups of what the new user interface will look like. I’ll post my screenshots here for feedback, so keep an eye on the community site for future updates!

Yeah the goal is for premium features to comprise added functionality and features that are useful particularly to professional writers (like rights management). I don’t want to reduce the current free feature set.

Thinking more about the separate lists, as long as they are still something I could use to narrow down the markets for my works to automatedly match, they would be really useful. I’d definitely pay subscription for a feature like that.

Plenty of markets have other weird parameters, like only accepting writing from women, or racial minorities, or behavioral minorities, or international writers. Being able to curate my own lists of those and use them to figure out what a particular piece of writing would match well within those lists would make customizing cover letters easier where applicable.

Or lists I can curate based on how often the markets publish would be a very powerful tool. If there’s a work for which I am trying to maximize chance of exposure within a certain time period (for instance, referential of current events or social issues), I could match a given work to those and plot out when and how I need to submit to particular markets for greatest chance of publication in a given date range.

Yes. Yes, @duckaroy. The self-curated lists are an excellent idea. Especially if they were a premium option and leave the favoriting for the gratis edition, like @tom.dullemond indicated would probably happen. The lists would be terribly useful.

Rights management would definitely be a good thing, too, as far as tracking, agreed, @tom.dullemond. Not sure what you guys are thinking for implementing those, but as a user I’d be happy for a bunch of radioboxes on each Work’s entry page, labeled things like “first publication,” “audio,” “derivative,” etc., with little text fields next to them for recording who has what rights.

We do want to add a ‘Demographics’ (or similar) section to markets to help with restricted markets. We often get limits like the ones you mentioned, including ‘Canadians only’ or ‘ages < 18’. By formalising this a little you’d be able to exclude them straight from the market search page.

This reminds me we also want to add ‘country of origin’ and ‘accepted languages’ and something around translation.

Rights are much trickier (Eg rights are per country, overlap, are restricted by media types, cross media (audio/film/theatre rights) and many have various expiration dates, reprint dates, reprint exceptions for annual Best of collections, escape clauses… oh my). So we’re working with ‘friends in the industry’ (woo mysterious!) to really get our hands around it. Since we want to be able to offer submission management to the market side of the Literarium equation a solution that works for both authors and publishers/services is ideal.

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