Making Literarium Version 2! 🎉

So the version of Literarium you see right now is our first attempt at providing a productivity tool to writers with market directory and powerful search tools to help you to quickly hone in on appropriate markets to submit your work to.

We learnt a lot in this process, and we’ve received some great feedback from our users which has prompted us to consider writing a second version of Literarium that fixes a lot of the big usability issues with the product, improves the overall performance of the system, and introduces some new features we’ve been brainstorming for a while now.

Over the coming months we’ll be reaching out to the community to better understand what it is our users want to see in Literarium. Design and development takes a long time, so we want to make sure we focus our limited resources on things that matter for our users.

Watch this space. There’s good things to come.

This first version looks great. However, I’d like to suggest the addition of an ‘About’ page. In this era of data protection, I’m leery of using a site that doesn’t disclose who’s behind it and what the data might be used for. That’s genuinely the only thing holding me back from using Literarium so far.

Thanks for the feedback @Corgrim. In addition to an about page, we’d also like to publish terms and conditions, and a privacy statement. We’re aware the lack of these are a turn off for some folk, and with good reason. Rest assured any data you enter into Literarium is completely private, and is most certainly is not sold off to any third party companies (I shudder at the thought).

Literarium is currently in its early stages of development and is a labour of love for @tom.dullemond and I. Tom’s a writer from way back, and a software developer as am I. We both saw there was a lack of decent quality tools for writers in the market so we decided to fill that gap with Literarium. Right now we’re collecting feedback on what our users like / dislike about Literarium, and what they’d like to see in a future version of the product. We’re half way through a rewrite of the product that incorporates user feedback and addresses any usability and performance issues encountered so far. It’s this second version of Literarium which we hope to monetise to help support development and hosting of the product in the future.

At some stage in the new year we’ll be sending out an email to our userbase announcing the development of Literarium v2, the publishing an About page/Ts&Cs/Privacy Statement, GDPR email opt in, and Questionnaire on what features should make it into v2. Keep your eyes peeled for this in your inbox! :slight_smile:

I trust you enjoyed the holiday break!

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Thanks. I appreciate the thoughtful response, and look forward to v2.