Import submission data

I feel I must be missing something, but I don’t find a way to import data - e.g., from Submission Grinder. I’m interested to switch over, but not keen to re-enter hundreds of records. Is there a way I’m not seeing?

Similar question for pieces, though Grinder doesn’t have a great way to export that data.

You’re not missing anything: we haven’t built an import tool mostly because it’s a tricky one and we’ve really only had two feature requests for it (this is the second). It’s absolutely a gap in the product but trickier than one might think. Importing pieces is trivial - that’s your work so just goes right into your Work list. Literarium already stores more information than most submission managers around pieces, so unless you’ve free-text-entered a weird genre that shouldn’t cause any problems.

Where it gets complicated is submissions - trying to match a market against older submissions by name is messy at best. On top of our import mechanism we would need to build an exceptions process where you can manually identify missing markets or partial imports that you need to fix etc etc. it all became more effort than it was worth.

Anyway, that’s a lot of rambling to say ‘no we don’t have it’. That doesn’t mean one of us (probably me) can’t help you import the data directly. It comes down to volume and the quality of the data set you can extract out of Subs Grinder. You mentioned you can’t get pieces out? What does a submission without an associated piece look like?


Thanks. Probably I wasn’t entirely clear. I’ve got about 1,000 submissions, all of course with a piece name attached. I figured identifying the right market would be a challenge, but I’d think that a confirmation/choice step would be easy enough to implement - even 1,000 confirmations is viable (as compared to full data entry for 1,000 submissions). It’s where a submission venue doesn’t match your record that things might get complex, but perhaps you could shunt those to a ‘pending’ pile.

What I meant by a piece list is that I assume you’ve got separate, linked data tables for submissions and pieces. I don’t see a way to get Grinder to export a list of pieces - though you can cut the piece list and paste it into a spreadsheet with very limited info.

I was thinking uploading a list of pieces (about 100) would be a first step toward a shift to Literarium, with submissions later, but perhaps that’s not required.

That’s petty spot on, although as @tom.dullemond mentioned it’s resolving the linkage which is currently a pain.

What I’d like to see in Lit v2 is some sort of process where you load all of your past submissions in bulk. This would include information like accepted / rejected, sent date, notes, etc. For the market bit we could group your submissions together and stick a “tag” on it (a tag with the name of the market). This at least means you could search your old submissions by “market tag”.

I like your idea of a ‘pending’ pile. Potentially once you’ve uploaded your submissions data we could provide a streamlined process that allows you to link up your “market tags” to markets in our system. You could have many submissions with the same market tag, so linking the market tag up to a market could link several submisisions up to the one market.

As for migrating your submissions from Submissions Grinder to Literarium, we might be able to do something where you copy and paste your subs grinder submissions page into a text box in Literarium. We could then sift through that text to pull our your submissions informtion. This is something we could experiment with.

Thanks for posting this topic @Corgrim, it’s one we want to keep in our sights.

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I can easily upload a list of pieces into the system for you. We have a lot of versioning on our markets, but stories and the like are quite straightforward rows in a table.

If you wanted me to do this for you, shoot an email to the with a csv or excel or similar attachment full of your pieces, and I’ll get it sorted :+1:

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Tom - thanks, I’ll send in a file soon. Grinder’s list doesn’t have full info (just title and word count), which is annoying, but I might as well add the extra in Literarium as in my spreadsheet.

Duckaroy - pasting the link would be a great approach (I think you have to be logged in to get data), but Grinder does have a good export feature (it’s just not obvious). There are only a few major submission managers on the market, so I’d think it would be possible to define criteria/algorithms for them. And as you say, matching markets to tags should be fairly straightforward for humans (esp. if they can check the market website where names are ambiguous).

Having a full set of data in one place is of course important. In any case, I look forward to seeing what you come up with.