Additional Fields on "Edit Submission" Page

Am starting a thread for wishlist items for this particular page type in Literarium, since it seems likely to be one that will change a lot. Might be good to keep rolling sets of ideas all together. So, yeah, anyone with an idea for an additional field in the “Edit Submission” page in particular, feel free to put it here.

Starting off:

If possible, I would like an “Anticipated Publication Date” field to be triggered for submissions that have been marked as “Accepted.” I do see an actual “Publication Date” field, but it seems like that would be for once things have been published. While users could easily put the anticipated publication information in a general notes textbox, I’ve just run into a situation that indicates having a specialized field to sort on would be useful: I just had a submission accepted for not this year’s annual, but next year’s annual. Being able to sort on when my accepted submissions (assuming there will be others) were likely published or will likely be published, and maybe make myself some automatic tasks based on them, would help me keep track of checking if the publication happened in actuality.

Additionally, this sortable field would be useful in selecting appropriate publication history items in generating cover letters customized to genre markets. “I don’t think I’ve ever submitted a creepypasta piece before, but I know I had something gothic-horror accepted before. Was it in ‘Ghastly Ghouls Annual’ or ‘Clockwork Tinker’? When was it published? Was it actually published? Time to check Literarium.”

This might be tricky to implement with multiple different countries’ copyright systems but…

I’d love an additional field on “Edit Submission” to put in the Library of Congress number for the particular anthology or collection in which a short piece gets published. Since I prefer to formally register my works for copyright, I end up with LOC numbers for each of my works, but the published collections can end up with entirely different LOC numbers.

My numbers I will happily put in the notes field of a “Works” page, but it would be nice to keep the other numbers with the “Edit Submissions” page to which they apply.

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This is great stuff - we have a similar national library scheme here in Australia. Also, what we touched on briefly with the ‘published date’ field can absolutely be expanded to incorporate more information. Consider that there are multiple ways a story can be published (which is why we attach that info to the submissions record, but what do you do when you want to record a publication that happened multiple times for a single submission, eg paperback release date, hardback, audiobook etc etc)

This, of course, is the kind of stuff that fits perfectly into the professional tier of features, because casual/hobby writers aren’t going to be thinking about this stuff.

Keep it coming!

You make a great point about the different formats of publication having different dates. Yes. Agreed, more date fields would be perfect for non-hobby writers. Awesome! (And more fodder for the notes field at that-- narrator names. :smile: I hadn’t thought of that.)

Did not know Australia also had a national library! I wonder if there are any commonalities in the numbers. If not, possibly a format style could be set using a “Country” drop-down… still, a straight text field would be perfect for any differences.

(Thank you for the “Ideator” badge. I never expected to be called one outside of GV, and will cherish it. Will definitely try to keep coming up with anything that might be helpful!)